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About Me, the Site, and Other Stuff

My name is Charlie Lehman and you can contact me at charslehman at gmail dot com.  Please replace the at and dot with the appropriate characters.  You are welcome to ask questions, comment, ask for advice, suggest areas to talk about and especially any errors you find.

The purpose of this site is as stated elsewhere, to provide travel and photography information on Japan and I hope it helps prospective visitors and photographers.  I do not do any workshops or guided tours to Japan nor do I care to make any money off this information or site.  I can provide presentations to those interested as well as stories or articles about the many areas of Japan  that I know about.

I am working on another website which will have more street, travel, documentary, and photojournalism, Street du Jour.  I have a number of books available which I will list on this and my other site at some point but all are available through Blurb.com.  What is nice about Blurb and my books is that I have all of the books set to preview so you can view the entire book without buying anything. Do a search on the author Charles Lehman and you will find most of them.